Demetria + Lamonte // Wedding

The energy surrounding Demetria and Lamonte’s wedding was palpable. The love they showed for each other was remarkable and shined through the images. Thank you for letting me be a part of your big day!

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Dinar + Steven // Wedding

A beautiful summer day provided the perfect backdrop for this Ismaili wedding. After the wedding, the party moved to the lake as guests enjoyed a wonderful evening on the Odyssey cruise with stunning views of the city. Congratulations!

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Aziza + Sarfaraz // Wedding

This wonderful Ismaili wedding between Aziza and Sarfaraz was such as beautiful occasion.  The ornate decorations along with the traditional ceremonies filled the weekend with love, purpose and laughter.  Congratulations! 

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Sadhna + Rishi // Wedding

Sadhna and Rishi's love filled the weekend with joy, laughter, and excitement.  Their energetic personalities were on full display and their love for each other could not be mistaken.  Congratulations!

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Ekta + Hari // Engagement Session

A lovely fall afternoon was the perfect backdrop to explore the city life. Ekta and Hari's love emanated through the streets and was in full concert with the beautiful architecture of Chicago.  Congratulations!

Palav + Arpit // Wedding

Palav and Arpit's wedding was such as blast to photograph!  From their infection personalities to the beautiful decor, the entire weekend was magical!  Congratulations!

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Sadhna + Rishi // Engagement Session

Exploring Chicago's architecture during a warm summer provided was an absolute blast with Sadhna and Rishi.  From a walk along the Chicago River to some hidden gems in Millennium Park, their infectious personalities were on full display!  Can't wait for the wedding! 

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Shally + Steven // Wedding

I had the pleasure of being a part of the beautiful wedding between Shally and Steven.  The love and emotion between the two permeated through everybody and filled the weekend with joy and happiness.  Congratulations!  

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Arpita + Neel // Wedding

The BAPs Mandir provided a lovely backdrop for Arpita and Neel's love to shine through.  This outdoor wedding was filled with rich Indian culture in the presence of close family and friends.  Later on in the evening, the celebrations moved to downtown Chicago atop a high rise overlooking the lake and skyline.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your amazing day!  Congrats!

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Brooke + Demba // Wedding

What more could you ask for than an outdoor wedding set against a backdrop of a lovely farm on a warm summer day?  Brooke and Demba looked stunning on their big day as they were surrounded by their close friends and family.  We got a chance to explore this rustic farm and the charm it's charm matched Brooke and Demba's perfectly.  Congrats!

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Arpita + Neel // Engagement Session

On a beautiful summer day, I had the pleasure of capturing Arpita and Neel in our lovely city.  The combination of Lincoln Park, Montrose Harbor, and the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary provided the perfect backdrop for their love to shine through!  Congrats and can't wait for the wedding!

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Mila + Varun // Engagement Session

On a cold, winter day, Mila and Varun enjoyed some tea at 3 Arts Club Cafe.  The love between the two was electric and I had a great time capturing that emotion.  Congrats!

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Tripta + Anuj // Wedding

Tripta and Anuj's wedding at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare was a blast to photograph!  The energy from the couple during the baraat, wedding, and reception was amazing and a delight to see behind the camera.  Safe travels back to Cali and congrats!

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Meera + Arun // Wedding

A warm summer day served as the backdrop for Meera and Arun's gorgeous wedding at Ashyana Banquets.  The joy of both families was evident throughout the weekend and I was glad to be apart of the festivities.  Congrats!

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Meera + Arun // Engagement Session

We were lucky to have a wonderful spring afternoon along the Chicago lakefront.  Meera and Arun's infectious personalities were on full display and we had a blast taking their engagement snaps.  Can't wait for the wedding!

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Mansi + Ginoj // Wedding

While their engagement session featured a glimpse into their past, their wedding was all about their future together.  The outdoor wedding at Bridges of Poplar Creek Country Club was a great venue for their beautiful ceremony.  They danced the night away inside the tent at the Chicago Marriott Schaumburg and everybody had a great time.  Congrats! 

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Uma + Chirag // Wedding

We got a glimpse of these 2 during their engagement session and I had such a blast being apart of their wedding at the Westin Chicago Northwest!  The festivities ranged from mehndi night to garba and of course the wedding day and the love amongst the family and friends was always present throughout.  Congrats to the lovely couple!

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Shibani + Mithil // Wedding

Three days of events led to a memorable wedding weekend for Shibani and Mithil.  Both couples were constantly smiling and the joy was contagious as everybody had a great time.  The Hilton Northbrook was a great venue and provided a nice outdoor scene that allowed us to grab some quick portraits.  Enjoy!

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Mansi + Ginoj // Engagement Session

College is a great place to meet your spouse and Mansi and Ginoj can definitely attest to that!  We went back to the place where it all started, Midwestern University, and then moved eastward towards the city.  The warm summer day matched their personalities as we snapped some shots at the Chicago Cultural Center, downtown, and along the lakefront.  

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Uma + Chirag // Engagement Session

From passionate to playfulness, Uma and Chirag displayed the diverse qualities that make their relationship so special.  Union Station, The Museum of Contemporary Art, and a neighborhood park served as the perfect backdrop to let their personalities shine through!